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01-10-2010, 08:47 PM
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Bought an old Russian goalie stick and I need help identifying it

I bought an old Russian goalie stick and I need help identifying it.

I made this thread in the rink forum, and they suggested that I try it here.

Bought an old goalie stick at a fleamarket that looks foreign, probably Russian. Someone told me that with the code at the end of the stick that I'd be able to know what company made it, and in what year. But I haven't found a site that does that yet.

I'm guessing it was made it 60's, 70's or in the 80's. I only payed 10$ for it and it's barely been used so I had to get it. Here are some pictures:

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Not sure how helpful it will be but it's definitely Russian. The first picture looks like it's some sort of patent information, the "Apt" is most likely article and all the other numbers would lead me to believe that it's the article/item number for the stick.

The second picture says, "Hockey" on the left and "Moscow" on the right.

I tried googling the last picture but couldn't find anything. If it helps, it's pronounced "Glav Sport Prom," not sure what it means. If you want to try googling a bit and playing around in translated pages, here's the text so you can just copy/paste it into google to see what comes up, doubt you'd find anything with Glav Sport Prom. "Глав Спорт пром", maybe try just "Глав Спорт".

Not sure how helpful that is, I actually took a year of Russian but don't remember too much of it and we did more grammar and common words than technical/sports terms. Good luck finding more information though! Let us know if it's something really cool because I'm sure it is!!
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I would post this to one of the forum's several Russian/Eastern European sections. They would probably best be able to translate this.
This was bought in North River, Prince Edward Island, Canada in an old arena. The owner sold it for $10CND and he had no idea where the stick came from.

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