Thread: Larry Brooks: 'Rent' time for Rangers
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01-11-2010, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by kennglin13 View Post
A couple points to make here:

-If we dump Girardi that is going to force us to play ANOTHER rookie D-Man next year. As logical as it may seem to move Girardi, for a team with Hank and Gabby in their prime is this risk worth it??

-While it's true Prospal is getting older... remember how Straka was in the later years of his career. Why can't Prospal do the same thing? Maybe Gaborik is to Prospal what Jagr was to Straka

-While moving Higgins is smart, we are still a team in cap hell. Higgins is showing signs of life and will still be cheaper than anybody else we can get this off season.

-Guys the answer to clearing cap space is simple, send Redden or Rosy to the minors. (did I just contradict myself about the rookie D-man thing?)
1. Yes
2. I think this comparison is way off base. Gaborik is currently making Erik Christiansen look like a talented player.
3. Hanging onto Chris Higgins and giving him a raise would still be a bad decision, even if its less of a bad decision than previous bad decisions.
4. Pipe dream. This is the real world. Dolan isnt throwing 25 million dollars worth of Redden into the minors to rot there for the duration. And Roszival is tradable this offseason.

In fact, if you can get rid of Prospal/Higgins/Girardi/Rozsival for picks, you've cleared the necessary cap space to sign Kovalchuk in the offseason if hes available come July 1st. And if hes not, you've picked up some picks and cleared up some of the cap mess. All while not ridding the organization of one player that consists of the core.

Getting rid of those 4 players without taking salary back is a bit of a tall order, but gaining assets for any one of them would be a step in the right direction.

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