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01-11-2010, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Edge View Post
With the way the NHL is these days, I'm hesistant to get into "first line/second line debates."

With the exception of ELITE talent (guys like Gaborik), I'm starting to believe more and more that the old "line" projection method is becoming outdated. Frankly, I think that trend has been brewing for years and it's one of the things that HF struggles with.

A guy like McD will be a stay at home guy who can throw a good check, I'd say Orpik is an alright ballpark comparison. He's not going to provide a ton of offense, but I think he'll be capable of going against/playing with high-end guys. But what line he plays on depends on who the Rangers have, who he shows chemistry with, etc. I do not believe things are simple as first line/second line anymore.

Having said that, I'd say he's a level below Marc Staal. For all the grief THIS board has had this season, Marc Staal, at the age of 22/23, is a shut-down defenseman who is also on pace to add 7 goals and 27 points. It's not out of the question for him to hit 10 goals, and between 30-40 points someday.

Hockey, now more than ever, is about combinations and chemistry. I think we need to start re-thinking the way we look at things.

I also think that for many older Ranger fans, Brian Leetch unfairly changed people's views of what a number one defenseman is. Brian Leetch was a number one defenseman, but more than that, he was an elite, HOF player. Not many guys, even if they are number one defenseman, are going to be THAT good.

On these boards, older fans tend to favor offensive defenseman. Afterall, they grew up with guys like Leetch and Zubov. But I don't think only offensive defenseman are true number 1 defenseman. I think defensive defenseman are #1 guys as well and there's not magic "two-way" number for determining what makes a #1 defenseman. IMO, that's falling back into that old school "line" formula of thinking.
Good post, I was thinking the same recently. Everyone always wants a comparison when it comes to prospects. I've seen so many over the years, its almost never a direct match, there are traits that sre similar, but nowadays it seems like the old 'molds' are not whats around today. Games changing

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