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01-11-2010, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by AntonCH View Post
The voice of reason.........well said

Mcdonagh had dropped to 3rd on his college team's depth chart
the 2 guys above him were younger as well.

As for Valatenko, Forgive me for saying, but no one can call him a bona fide prospect anymore - Props to Gainey for managing to deal his rights

And lastly, as far as Higgins is concerned, Few were bigger supporters of him than i was during his tenure here, but the question that needs to be asked is " do we miss him?"
I think not
Also, in Higgins's case, he was dealt to save cap space, not because Sather really wanted him. Gainey could not afford Higgins for what he was producing, so he was dumped, pure and simple. And Valentenko was a bloody 5th round project! The trade will forever be, in my mind anyway, Gomez for McDonagh with auxillary players filling it out to make it feasible for both GM's. People just get all crazy because Higgins was an ex 1st rounder. Woopdie doo. So was Paul Mara. Did anyone get all hot and bothered when we signed him?

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