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01-11-2010, 04:38 PM
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Originally Posted by MrAlfie View Post
Thank you for another hidden jab.

Anyway, like I said earlier you are comparing Apples and Oranges. Sports organization have a different target group than let's say a Financial Cooperation.

Sports Organizations, or how about Sports Teams target John Q. Public who sits at home in his underwear while eating Pizza, burping and farting into his recliner. And that's what Sponsors should learn to understand. I always find the product placement in ads hilarious, for instance when Dior is advertising during a soccer match or Boxing fight.

If we are talking about Companies like Wells Fargo, PNC Bank or whoever, then yes.. a person representing these companies should not use profanity when addressing something.

The head coach of a Football,Hockey,Soccer,Basketball,Baseball,etc.etc . team should not have to worry about this.
Again, like Chimp said, most of the times a coach uses profanity its because he expresses his anger, and that should be fine.

But yea, we all know that Tom Renney is still loved around here because he had himself under control.

P.S.: And yes, if Honda is so concerned about their image maybe they should have thought about it before they sponsored a league where fighting is allowed to let some air out of the anger.
What hidden jab? I thought I was pretty open about it It REALLY does surprise me that you are 29 and think this way. I'm from Brooklyn, I curse alot. When I played hockey i'd get penalties cause I used expletives when addressing the refs. You're in the heat of battle playing a rough game, its natural in that setting.

But at work I KNOW its inappropriate to do so in a professional setting. Read all the other posts surrounding this one, people agree, its a business and you have to act accordingly.

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