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01-11-2010, 05:29 PM
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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
I like no restrictions at all, but once it's your turn, no trading.

There are ways around that anyway. But once it's your pick, make the selection and then figure out from there.

...what is "sign up feedback" anyway?
I think LL is giving us a chance to sign up and provide feedback.

On the trade front: I like the idea of no restrictions, but you can't trade once you're on the clock. I think I suggested it after the silliness of the early rounds in ATD 9. I don't like the 3-GM/24-hour rule. Maybe if we go with six hours, but that could allow a couple GMs to pull a shady move in the middle of the night. Then again, I'm not a fan of holding up the draft because of trades. At all.

As someone who administered most of the last draft, I found that the systems in place worked pretty well. I'd drop the all-star team votes - that didn't work at all. I'd keep the time limits that we had, with one small change. Once you get to the four-hour limit in Rounds 21 to 24, your time limit window can't be reduced. If you have two hours on your time limit window entering Round 21, then that's what you'll stay at for the rest of the draft. And you're always guaranteed at least an hour to pick. The time frames for the playoffs worked great. I think that's why we had more GMs voting. We avoided the Christmas break for the first time in a fall draft since the playoffs were implemented, and we had close to 50 per cent turnout throughout the playoffs. I'm guessing that's the first time it's happened.

Honestly, fellas, I'm just not excited for this right now. It's been the same way the last couple drafts. Then once it gets close, I get excited. But this time, there's really a sense of malaise for me. It's not because it's been a month since the last draft ended. It's not because some of my buddies from the early drafts - Murph, HO, Spit and reck - aren't part of it anymore.

I'm just trying to not be so tied to a computer. And I'm trying to reduce the amount of time I spend on HF.

Of course, if I do participate, and I get one of those players that I've always wanted, but never had, with the first pick, my interest would peak.

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