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09-23-2003, 07:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
Whether you think he is more of a perimeter player or goes hard to the net it's worth a shot. I don't care if he shoots the puck out of his @$$ if it goes in and the line works.
Well that certainly would be an interesting sight to see now wouldn't it! But seriously you're right. There is know hurt in trying to see if Lundmark would work better on the top line then Carter. If he doesn't then hopefully he stays on Holik's right side.

JR, I understand that Lindros has had his best 'career' success with a guy like Leclair but that was pre concussions. This isn't the same player that played in Philly. he can't afford to go crashing into the zone like that bull in the china shop. I still believe he can be effective WHEN healthy but he's different now. He's ammended his game to use the great skill that he has to survive in the NHL. Remember he was dubbed the next great thing because he brought a skill set that nobody had seen on a man that size. At the age of 30 (31?) I believe he still has that skill set which I think he could use just as well with Lundmark as Carter.

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