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01-11-2010, 09:42 PM
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Thanks for the opinions guys. The biggest problem is that I DONT think these guys will be much help. I doubt they'll pass to me or help me along. I'm almost thirty and most of them are early twentys, I doubt they have any interest in helping me develop. I think they just want to win and show off their skills.

I am still skating with the other team, we're no where near as talented but its just a better group of guys and the guys on that team are more interested in helping me alone. Most of them fit in that player/coach mold.

The new team just doesnt have that feel, they are younger, very skilled and probably worse of all...they know theyre good so they have "that" attitude. I think I'm gonna play full time with the old team and play sparingly with the new one. It is a huge help though watching guys play who know the game. I also like the extra pressure of knowing I have to skate HARD every shift just to keep up. But, I appreciate the comments from everyone, alot of good info comes from these boards, especially "the rink" section. Thanks again.

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