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01-11-2010, 11:20 PM
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Originally Posted by wondeROY View Post
You might be onto something, i doubt i bend my knees at home as much, its really just hard to replicate skating at home walking on carpet. Another thing is, i notice the inflammation doesnt start until i really start pushing it, if i'm just lightly skating it wont bother me, but once i start pushing it then it flares up and becomes painful as hell.

My feet are weird, they are pretty wide but not very long, and flat. I'm hoping the superfeet will help. If not i'll be looking into new skates.

I did get input from a DR tonight, he said most likely my problem is whats called "lactic acid buildup" in my tibialis anterior, commonly mistaken for shin splints. He said to stretch the muscle by dragging the toes along the carpet, bent downward, drink lots of fluids and massage the muscle. And get this, to take tums or rolaids before i skate, they are antacids and will help tremendously with the build up. He said olympic athletes get tested for them because they work so well.
Superfeet are great if you're having issues with the arch.

Lactic acid seems like an odd diagnosis, but he's the doctor, not me, so give that a shot.

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