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01-04-2005, 01:58 PM
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The problem is far too many "fans" look at stats as a true indication

Originally Posted by True Blue
Just curious, what is it that tells you that he does not have raw ability? And, for that matter, what tells you that he is not start quality? Who is? Tukonen? CROSBY? Yes...that Crosby. Or didn't Daigle put up HUGE #'s in juniors?

"Point is, maybe this isn't a down year??"

Again, based up what are you making the assumption that this year is more akin to his ability than ALL of his prior years? Seems to me that such an argument can swing both ways.

"At some point though, don't you have to look at the guys actual talent... rather then dragging some other draft picks into it just because they play the same position, and were taken high"

Again, you have yet to demostrate that Montoya does not have talent. Surely there must be more to your assertion than just the fact that you saw him flop around in this years tournament?
And, BTW, yes, Lehtonen has looked just as "bad" as Montoya has.

of whether a player is a "stud prospect"! Few realize that it is all about growing up both as a person and as an athlete. We have 3 goalies in our system and the odds that one of them will true "golden" seem to be in our favor.

As far as raw talent goes, all you need to see is that the guy works and has the ability. A goalie is much like a pitcher, or a batter in baseball. If a pitcher drops his arm angle his lose some speed and location, if a batter picks up a hitch in his swing he's adpt to have problems with the slow stuff, etc. Same with a goalie. There are so many techincal parts to a goalies game, balance, angles, flopping. Personally I think Montoya is suffering a let down. He made the decision for whatever reason to go back to school (maybe his mom put alot of pressure onhim to stay) and I think he lacks the challenge. Now some will say, but hay he didn't win a national championship. Big stinkin deal! Is that his ultimate goal? No! I think he is a bit stale and needs to be challenged. Some will say, but isn't the WJC a challenge? Yes they are, but he has not trained as hard, if you beleive the stories out there and therein lies the problem. Anyone who has played at a high level knows full well that you simply can not turn the juice on at will. when you try to, it is not there and you try to over compensate and make matters worst. Add to that the wonderful choices made by the US coaching staff regarding the defensemen they selected this year and you have what you have just seen.