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01-12-2010, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by dbr2 View Post
I'll ask in here

Who here thinks we can keep, Carcillo, Asham, and Betts for cheap, this up coming off season? Yes I know it is way to early to start talking about the summer. But I would like to see this 3 signed for cheap. I believe we can do it. But I'd love to hear your guys feedback. I like to refer to those guys as our workhorses. They're all good at what they do.

As for Coburn/Parent I have no idea. Parent is hurt, but young. Coburn I'm 50 - 50 on.

Tollefsen, sorry no thanks. Guy is always hurt. Sorry Wolfy...If you're still around here.

Syvret I'd love to have back.

Emery - I'm going to wait till after the playoffs to think about him.
Carcillo is a RFA so he will get a 10% raise on his current contract of .81667M/year and I doubt he will get an offer sheet thrown his way from another team.

Betts is a career 4th liner, he almost didn't get a job this year, so I think if we offer him .8-1M/year for 2-3 years he will love the contract stability and take it in a heartbeat.

Asham we could bring back, but, imo, we will more than likely replace him with some Phantoms next year (Kalinski being my personal choice, but a rebounded Maroon or a Laliberte could also be a possibility - maybe even Legein if he is still playing hockey? ). This is mainly because we have a ton of bottom six AHL players that need to crack this lineup eventually, not because Asham would cost considerably more than these guys or be a downgrade.

Tollefson will not be back, our defense, with the emergence of Bartulis and, imo anyway, Syvret, not to mention Marshall and Bourdon sitting in the wings waiting I just don't see a spot for him.

Parent is a RFA, again, a 10 percent raise on .855 is very nice for a young shut down defenseman, he will be back.

Coburn is a RFA as well; however, teams will probably be dumb enough to sign him to an offer sheet. In fact, he will most likely warrant 2M+ in an offer sheet, which will land the Flyers a 1st and 3rd round pick from the other team.... SIGN ME UP FOR THAT!!!

Syvret is a RFA, 10 percent raise on .575, noone will offer sheet him. He makes a great 7th dman as he has graduated from the AHL game, but is not neccessarily a NHL caliber player. Although, I must say, under Lavi he has looked very good and I could see him and Parent/Bartulis growing together in the future.

Emery is the big question mark, I think that there will be goalies out there that we can grab (like Nabokov) that would greatly improve our team if we are looking to drop big money; however, if Emery will take 3M/year for a few years I would be all over it.

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