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09-23-2003, 07:59 PM
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Originally Posted by thome_26
Any idea where Anson Carter came in? Could Comrie be tagged as a racist now too to make him even more out of town?! lol.
My god.......well I'm bag deep in this mess now.

Apparently Comrie got wind that Carter might be traded and tried to play the 22 year old centerman/general manager game in the room in front of the team. From there it escalated to Comrie and MacT getting alot of things off their chest in front of the whole team.

If there's any truth to these hear-say can usually bet that people fail to mention that the blow-outs let off alot of pent up steam, hands are shaken and everyone benefits from the uncomfy fracus afterward. That stuff just aint juicy news eh?

Who knows the truth really? Is something burning? I smell something.

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