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09-23-2003, 09:00 PM
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Originally Posted by LoudmouthHemskyfan#1
I'd wager if the Oilers and Comrie are still 1mil apart, then Lowe is still low-balling. Of course who knows with these rumors, but if Lowe's offering $1.1-1.4, What's he doing as our GM?
his job???

Anywhere from $1.6-2 million would be acceptable for the team, and you'd think acceptable for Comrie.
I don't see why EDM should go any further than 1.4 on a one year deal.

Then he puts up his #'s, get a nice long deal after this season and away we go. Too bad they didn't sign before camp though, looked to me like Comrie was really ready for this season.
why in the world would Lowe want to pay Comrie more than he has to? What is Lowe's upside in giving Comrie a one year deal at 1.8 mil only to watch him put up 70 points? If Lowe's gives him a one year deal at all it will likely be at a low number, and in fact, it wouldn't surprise me if Lowe simply told Winter that he's not interested in a one year deal at any price (as is Lowe's right under the CBA after Comrie refused his qualifying offer of approx 1.1 mil).

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