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01-12-2010, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by parabola View Post
How exactly is he going to be proven wrong when there is video evidence of Auger and Burrows talking? And why exactly would he even lie about that? If Burrows lies and brings it up, and they find out he's lying then he gets in trouble for no reason.

I'm not saying that Nashville didn't deserve the win (they did) . It's not about that, it's about what Auger did.

The fact Burrows has a rep for diving is irrelevent. And it's not even the diving call most people have a problem with. The interference call was so minor and dumb.

The worst thing isn't even the loss, I can take a loss... But Auger made the game boring with stupid calls on both sides and went out of his way to influence the result of the game. I personally hate that more than anything.

To counter this point, as has been said unless the camera is close enough to be able to read lips or there is a sound bite nothing could be proven.

As for why would Burrows say that? Why would the ref say he is going to get even? It makes even less sense that he would lie than Burrows. Burrows has an excuse then for the fanbase and coaching staff on why he got kicked out and "took" those penalties.

If I put on my detective hat here is the scenario I think that happened. Auger saw that Burrows dove on the Smithson hit, he warns Burrows before the game he has his eye on him because he knows he dove before. I really would be more pissed as Trotz than the Canucks because he should let him play and do it before calling it to give the Predators the advantage instead of letting Burrows know he is under a microscope, but I digress. Auger sees Burrows flopping around unable to keep his balance, the first thought in his head is he is trying to draw a penalty so he calls the diving penalty. Burrows runs his mouth all the way to the box further drawing additional attention when he is back and Auger sees Burrows skating and gets in Wards way bringing about the controversial call.
I don't think Auger was out yesterday to screw Burrows but I think he did tell him hes going to watch for dives. Burrows sloppiness in the corner leading to the diving call and talking after it brought about the last call, causing Burrows to lose it and blame the reffing.

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