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09-23-2003, 08:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Oilers89
Frankly, G2K, I don't believe any of that crap. If any of this was true, I'm sure the media would have gotten a hold of it. There was no mention in the papers. What you're doing is because of your hate of Lowe and MacT, you're fabricating lies to make them the bad guys. It's total lies and not to be believed.
Wow. G2K is simply retelling a story he heard and has said that it may not even be true. You're the one out of line here, calling someone a liar.

As a point of interest, I work in/with the media and I can tell you that they (I'm speaking in general here) know much more than they actually print in the paper, or say on the radio or tv. In sports, the media acts as a cheerleader more often than not. Even if members of the media got wind of something like that, they might be inclined not to tackle it head on since much of the stories you hear/read are based on interviews, interviews that won't be granted to those who rock the boat a little too hard.

Bashing the team in the paper for a bad defensive outing is one thing. Trying to publicize personal attacks between star players and coaches would be a big no-no, however.

So your dose of reality today, Oilers89: the media reports what it wants to, not everything it has...

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