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09-23-2003, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by LoudmouthHemskyfan#1
"Comrie is 23 and doesn't deserve anywhere near 1.8M to 2.0M. He's a spoiled brat by wanting 2.0M. Why can't you understand that LMHF#1."

Because that is in no way fact, no way provable, and total opinion. "Spoiled brat"? Who are you kidding? Ya want me to just fall in line with the rest of the whiners? No thanks.

"York had his first contract last year and he made 1.2M last season."

Check out York's salary this year.

"IMO, York's better than Comrie."


"Comrie doesn't have arbitration rights which York would have had this off-season. That's why he was signed longer."

To go deeper into his arbitration period, obviously, but everyone here is against offering Comrie a similar deal for some odd reason, even though he's younger, from Edmonton, and has shown greater offensive ability.

"If you give him 1.8M to 2.0M, what's he going to ask in the next contract? 4.0M, 5.0M. You have to be firm in these contracts. "

How do you make a 2 million dollar jump? You pay him what he's worth next time, whatever that may be at the time. It could be 2.2, it could be 2, it could be 3.6, it could be 5, ya get there when ya get there.

"1.4M at the most."

Won't sign it any time soon if that's where Lowe's gonna stick I'd bet. There are players to penny-pinch with and players not to, your top players are not the players to pinch with.

I can feel another sad moment in the history of the Oilers coming on, and we're not even gonna get 6-8 years out of this guy. Hope everyone enjoys 2 goals a game, that's what style is gonna take over here.
We also have no idea what Comrie's contract offer or what Comrie is demaning but that hasn't stopped you from speculating that Lowe is lowballing him has it? But you are going to demean someone else from speculating? Isn't that just a little hypocritical.

Until we know the facts is is all speculation including your point about Lowe lowballing Comrie.

You have no idea what Lowe is offering or what Comrie is demanding, so your whole post is speculation.

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