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09-23-2003, 08:37 PM
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Originally Posted by elphy101
I think Brownlee makes a very good point. If Comrie wanted to stay in Edmonton, wouldn't he say it.
I conclude the exact opposite. If Comrie wanted to leave Edmonton, he could make it happen very quickly by holding out and loudly saying he wants out.

Don't believe me? Reference: Mr. Tom Poti. Poti wanted out. Poti got out. The recipe is clear.

The fact is, by his every action (showing up to camp determined, holding out but not badmouthing the org, publicly denying trade requests) he's only putting pressure on Lowe to sign him, not to trade him. If Comrie really wants to be traded, I can only conclude that he's receiving spectacularly bad advice on how to make that happen.

Personally I'm surprised that Brownlee didn't pick up on this reasoning, but maybe they don't pay journalists to think Actually, the way I read Brownlee's article, especially the last bit, was that he was trying to put public presure on Comrie to actually say something to the media. He interviewed for 15 minutes, but didn't say a printable comment regarding whether he wants to play in Edmonton or not. That kind of thing can piss of a journalist, especially one who thinks he's on a quest for information on the behalf of the people in Oilerville.

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