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09-23-2003, 09:38 PM
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Originally Posted by spaz44
We also have no idea what Comrie's contract offer or what Comrie is demaning but that hasn't stopped you from speculating that Lowe is lowballing him has it? But you are going to demean someone else from speculating? Isn't that just a little hypocritical.

Until we know the facts is is all speculation including your point about Lowe lowballing Comrie.

You have no idea what Lowe is offering or what Comrie is demanding, so your whole post is speculation.
I make no mention of what Comrie is demanding, so that does not apply. I'm merely getting very mad at how everyone seems to expect the guy to sign for less than our tough guy, and play like a madman, then will start in on the "give him 2 million next season" talk, and don't want long-term deals either. It's so unrealistic and it drives me nuts.

If Comrie is demanding 3-4 mil, then yeah, he is overpricing himself and it will take a while to get him down, BUT, I think Rich Winter is more intelligent than to demand that much money outright. I'd guess anyway. So I don't happen to even consider that possibility. Even if the Oil and him are 1 mil apart, those numbers seemingly wouldn't work out, based on the reporting of what Lowe's offering, and what he's likely to be offering if you weigh the factors.

I know my opinion is unpopular, but frankly, I don't care, letting this guy sit is a mistake. If he's asking for 3-4 mil it's different, but I'm agressively inclined not to think that.

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