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01-13-2010, 06:37 AM
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Step 1: Flyers rip and tear and slash and burn and look like Cup contenders

Step 2: Flyers flounder and slump and drag and look all yucky and stuff

Step 3: Flyers bounce back and play great hockey

I really think the intellectual value of this discussion would be maximized if none of us pretended that we haven't seen this before.

We have.
Two Springs ago. The Flyers and Senators were mired in ugly slumps. The Senators fired John Paddock. The haters here went wild.

"Come on Holmer! Pull the trigger!!" they chorused.

The Chorus of Hope turned to Howling Indignation when Stevens stayed.

Then Ottawa continued their collapse, the Flyers finished strongly, beat Washington in the first round in 7 games, took out Montreal in 5, went on to the Conference Finals, and coaching wasn't mentioned again until they got overrun by the Penguins.
Let's not pretend we haven't seen this before.

We have.


That being said, they do look quite impressive right now. I guess I'll have to play The Jester here and say that this streak has come versus the Little Sisters of the Poor and the teams who Aren't Exactly World Beaters, but they do look much much more energtic and "cohesive". Very impressive.

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