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Originally Posted by JLHockeyKnight View Post
The NHL also doesn't have the ability to challenge a play, only the officials do (coach can yell, but if the official doesn't want to review it won't get reviewed). Also, there's a good amount of penalties in the NFL (or football in general) which are borderline and can go either way depending on how the ref feels at that moment.

A good example was a couple years ago when the Giants defensemen stopped tackling the QB because he was afraid he'd get a roughing the passer call.
Eh, there's always going to be some variance in calls from official to official, but you're not giving enough attention to the institutionalized system in the NFL. Each game in the NFL gets broken down and graded for the officials. If they get dinged for screwing up calls, that hurts their chance of officiating big games, and working the playoffs (money). Even an experienced NFL official like Ed Hochuli's crew missed the playoffs because of botched calls a year ago.

Something like what supposedly happened here with Burrows and Auger would NEVER happen in the NFL, because the official knew that those calls would be reviewed by the league (both calls and non-calls) and he would be graded down for any BS calls and it would impact his chance to work games.

Originally Posted by Opus View Post
Why not? Because the NHL is a joke, that's why.

It's not a fair comparison to the NHL. It's like comparing Taylor Hall to Wayne Gretzky.
Eh, all it would take is a strong commish willing to actually systemize a way to grade and improve the officiating. Personally, I think they should just farm it out to the teams and then review and produce tapes and critiques for the officials. If a team doesn't like a call/non-call they put tape of it together and send it to the league...league looks at it and decides if it's legit or sour grapes, and goes over all that with the officials.

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