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01-13-2010, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by 2 Minute Minor View Post
Good game. Great energy and purpose. The transition game looked fan-TASTIC. I haven't seen this from the Blues in....well I can't remember.

Another winnable game with Minnesota, and the guys may be able to get on a bit of a roll. At any rate, they look like they only have to beat the other team now, not the other team plus their own mental demons.

Berglund is contributing. Guys like Crombeen and Winchester seem to have remembered how to be physical and contribute. Even Boyes is having some really nice defensive plays and setting up scoring chances out of the zone.

I guess the one guy that seems to be MIA is Paul Kariya. I'll give him a flyer on this game since its his first game back from a concussion....but I really don't think that probably makes any difference.

Best thing about the the very tale end of the FSMW broadcast they showed the players congratulating Mason. Last in line is Walt and he gives this big grin WITH NO TEETH. He looked like a cousin to that little banjo-playing guy from Deliverance.
I know I am one to rag on him, but he has looked great lately. He just needs to keep it up. Hopefully Payne makes him become a complete player.

As far as PK, I think he is done...atleast with us. He is a shell of the player he once was.

Our breakout really did look pretty good. Quick transitions and that even allowed us to set up in the zone and maintain strong puck control.

Its great to see the third line do something other than play defense. They are keeping it simple, but producing some good results.

As a whole our team looks much more physical. Even guys like Boyes, PK and Andy Mac (though obviously not last night) have been finishing checks. Hope to see that kept up.

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