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01-13-2010, 03:54 PM
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Originally Posted by FireHolmgrenDotCom View Post
I have always thought that NHL referees hold more grudges then any other group of officials in any other sport. Right or wrong they dont like it when one of their own gets called out publicly. I think this may have been handled differantly by the league if Burrows had gone through the proper channels. The NHL will never, ever admit publicly that there is a problem with one of their officials holding a grudge. Fining him or suspended Auger would have been a admission of guilt by Cambell and the NHL on one of their officials.
Why? What proof do you have?

And to the guy who said the two NHL officials should confer with each other before making a call, you're clueless and I guarantee you've never refereed in your life. THAT'S what this league be slowed down!

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