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09-23-2003, 10:33 PM
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I got to see the game tonight becuase my brother has Leaf TV and MAN O MAN was it good to see the bleu, blanc et rouge... or, as I like to say, the blue, white and red (red, white and blue is just too American... he he) back in NHL action. This was my first chance to see the team in game action aside from what I've seen in the highlight reels.

I have a few comments to make about the game, the biggest being that we should'nt be worried that we were only able to muster one goal on thirty shots against an AHL defense/goaltending tandem... it is the preseason and everyone is still searching for their game. The Leafs have a bunch of players on their defense/goaltending units that have a lot to prove.

Trevor Kidd has apparently suffered an injury, from what my brother and his leaf fanatic friend tell me, that will have him out until December. The injury has sparked a contest between Tellqvist and Hodson to see who will win the backup role in Toronto this season. I think it's pretty safe to say that no matter how well Centomo does, and he sure looked good tonight, the most he will get is the starting job in the American league. Those goalies are going to do everything in their power to get noticed by Quinn and the boys in Leaf land.

On top of that, all the Leaf haters and all the Leaf fans (couldn't put humpty together again) are pointing out that the Leafs have a rather weak defense. There is a contest going on to see who will take the 5-6 slots to start the season, which gives guys like Colaiacovo, Pushor, Jackman (injured), Bell (longshot), etc, etc... alot of incentive to have strong exhibition showings.

For those reasons, I feel that the Leafs maybe, just maybe, had a bit more to prove tonight than the Habs... although I am in no way saying that a loss is acceptable becuase victory is the only goal.

Now onto that Habs... It kinda shocked me that the Habs threw out a line-up that will look very much like the one they will dress to open the season, other than the 3rd liners and role players (Dackell, Juneau, Sundstrom, etc). Then I got to thinking about it and I realised that it's very key for the coaching staff to see who fuels who's fire. Finding chemistry is the name of the game this offseason, boys... it may look ugly at time but, it's the only way we're going to win games this season.

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