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09-23-2003, 10:44 PM
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Who will need to....

Who will need to step up their game the most this season, in your opinion, if the Habs want to have a legit shot at the post season?

I am leaving Theodore off of the list becuase it's the obvious choice... goaltending is the backbone of everyteam and everyteam needs their goalie to step it up in order to be sucessfull.

If you want to say who you voted for and why, I would love to read it.

As well, if you choose 'other', it would be cool if you said who and why.


I beleive that Mike Ribeiro will need to step his game up the most. He suffered an injury last pre-season (I beleive) that possibly threw his game off. His stats took a fall from what they were the previous year and just looked awfull at times. Then again, he managed to lay down a outstanding deke from time to time that would fill me with hope.

I beleive it's now time for him to stop the Jekyl and Hyde routine and show us what he's made of. If what he's made of is the bad player that he so often is, then he needs to get out of the lineup.

I really hope that this guy has the creative power to emerge as our #2 center and feed Zed 15-20 open net tap in's.... wishfull thinking, maybe... we'll see.

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