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01-05-2005, 03:49 AM
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Here's the exact quote of Wayne Gretzky in the beggining of the Guy Lafleur DVD talking about "The Flower".

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Hi I'm Wayne Gretzky. I just wanted to get an upportunity to say a few words about one of the greatest hockey players and obviously maybe the most exciting hockey player to ever play the game, the montreal canadiens Guy Lafleur. First of all I want to say that it was my great pleasure at the age of 19 to follow Guy Lafleur around not only in the locker rooms but on the ice in practice and of course in the games in canada cup 1981. And i'll tell you that I learned so much from him, what it takes to be a champion, what it takes to be a hard worker, the dedication that he put into the game and what he meant to the game. As a young boy growing up and I hate the age of Guy Lafleur but as a young boy growing up I used to watch him intensely every saturday night on hockey night in canada. Not only was he exciting and fun to watch but he was a true champion and that's the most important thing about being a proffesionnal hockey player in the NHL. So my hat goes off to Guy Lafleur and his family. Hope you have a wonderful evening tonight, take care!

Wayne is such a class act! However for those who didnt see him play a whole lot or never saw him play.. you now know what he was all about. What do you think?

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