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Originally Posted by mememe000 View Post
OK, I think I'm sold on Harrow. Any place that reply's to a email within 60 seconds with helpful info should be supported!

I'm going to pattern #2. (It's like the CCM Thornton curve which I love. Makes my slap shots suck though...)

To answer your question above the 5.5 lie is pretty much a 6. I have a small handful of 6 lie blades here by different companies and some are not the same as the others and that seems to vary company to company a little bit for some reason.

It is also possible that this is the first 5.5 lie I have ever purchased and it may eyeball similarly to the 6 lie and is one of those "to me" things. It may very well follow some legit scale of measure but I have always used 6 lie stick blades and the 5.5 #7 is what I use and it feels like a 6 lie "to me".

I have seen in here people posting about warrior lies not being the same as other companies as well.

Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
Now that's a hook!

I may need to try a #4...
I want to try one as well, I bought a #5 and did not like the 5 lie. I don't know what I was thinking honestly. The blade is also shorter than a normal blade and is pretty much like the Easton Heatley blade which also runs shorter than most.

I shoulda gone with the #4 for sure as that one resembles the old CCM Recchi blade pattern.

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