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01-14-2010, 07:39 AM
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Originally Posted by ThirdEye View Post
So many of the people here were whining about Hank giving up softies when his SV% was hovering around .920. I wonder how much *****ing would take place here if our goalie had a SV% of .890... the forum would implode
Yeah, but it's the same people who are saying that CJ's going to be the next #1 goalie for the team after watching him play for 105 minutes. I wouldn't take them too seriously

The first time I went bowling my first shot was a strike. That must mean I'm gonna bowl a 300 game and must be the best bowler in the world. (I didn't get another one all game)

Yeah, Hank does give up really soft crappy goals. There's no goalie in the world that doesn't. If goalies didn't give up crap goals and didn't have bad games then they'd have GAAs of 1.5. All the whining is because of unrealistic expectations for a goalie to hold the opponent to 2 or less goals EVERY game.

For the record, hank has done that 24 out of his 40 starts this season (only counting regulation goals). Those starts accounted for 18 of his 20 W's!

We lost 6 times (both L/OTLs) when holding the opponent to 2 goals or less, and only managed to win twice when hank let more then 2 through.

What does that say about our offense? The rangers' problem is not in the net.. really wish people would stop *****ing about the occasional soft goal that goes in. The only reason those goals become so evident is because our offense isn't doing their job.

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