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Originally Posted by Kaktus View Post
lazy/greedy were mentioned yet??

Can KHL compete with NHL right now? Of course not. Will it at some point down the road? I do not see why not.
It's an interesting situation with the KHL and Russia as currently constructed. For the KHL/Russia to become a stable financial entity there is going to have to be some reforms, and those reforms will likely lead to the end of these crazy contracts. I mean, what happens when Russia ceases to be the Wild West with the oil money and corruption?

Professional hockey absolute can (and does) work in Europe, but we're clearly not where it's truly competitive with the N.A. market.

Originally Posted by JSaq View Post
That is all I was saying. It's a potential issue down the road.
It's an issue now....but less of an issue for marquee players than for middling guys in the NHL, who can make more money in Europe due to the way teams have squeezed the "middle class" in the NHL. However, even then, we've seen guys jump ship for the KHL and then come back after being over there because they didn't deem the money worth it. (This guy.)

Then there's a situation like what happened with Radulov...I think that's going to represent an outlier, just because the IIHF was rather pissed off that went down. They may not like the NHL, but they do care and are attempting to work with the NHL to meet their goals. The last thing they want is the KHL making those negotiations more difficult (and I'm firmly on board with the fact that the NHL has been getting away with murder when it comes to robbing Europe of talent). Part of the problem with the N.A./Europe talent-swap setup is that sports just operate differently in Europe. The IIHF has FIFA sitting there that governs player transfers on a regular basis, that's something everyone in Europe understands completely...and a system that we don't have for anything here in N.A. If IIHF wants to be viewed as a serious broker, they're going to have to become that FIFA-like authority.

You also have to be a bit more careful with the Europeans "staying home" stuff. Russia is a big place, and it isn't like someone from Sweden is "staying home" if they're off playing somewhere in Russia.

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