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01-14-2010, 09:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Kaktus View Post
Jester I do not have all the answers for you. You mentioned corruption? It exists everywhere where money can be made. You mentioned reforms, sure.
It certainly does, but it exists more in some places than others. And where the oil money is in Russia right's a different world.

Is it impossible to cerate a big league out of little league in Europe and Russia? It takes one man with vision, it won't be perfect for a while but it is very possible.
Well that's just doesn't take one man. It takes a LOT of people agreeing to it. I think it's clear that such a league is really the goal of the folks running the KHL, but I'm not sure I buy the various national leagues in Europe going for it. Isn't the team in Sweden that they're looking at a second division team or something?

I mean, I think a pan-European hockey league makes a ton of sense and could do an excellent job of competing with the NHL. However, that also flies in the face of the way sports have worked in Europe for a really long time.

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