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Originally Posted by mememe000 View Post
Dang it, I'm getting sucked into buying a shaft as well! What flex should I get? I'm using a 85 Flex right now and I'm about 135 pounds.

The RBK 10k is way to stiff for me, I still don't know if I'll keep it or not. It's also a tad too short...

It looks huge, but it isn't that much, it's just the photo.

Thanks for the info on blade lie. I stand up straighter, so I think a lie 6 will work great. My current stick is 5 I think and I always feel like I'm sitting on the ice...
I'm also a tall upright type skater, you see that sometimes. Blake Wheeler for the Bruins uses a 7 lie from what I read. He is an upright as well.

We are ALL different when it comes to hockey. it makes it interesting!

I have used and own about 4 5 lie blades I bought on clearance for cheaps. not sure why I even bothered other than to have a backup stick should I break one.

I dislike the 5 lie for me because I hit the toe first when shooting and you lose power in your shot and it adds wobble to the slapshot even if you know how to shoot one. You really have to concentrate more when shooting to get good ones off so I use these for outdoor ice or shinny sometimes where people frown on slapshots.

They are still good for passing ... I think one could pass okay even with stiff cardboard stapled to a broom handle. I mean it is passing for crying out loud.

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