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09-24-2003, 01:46 AM
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I think it will help prevent the Rangers from ruining Hockey.

Had to get that in there before some troll starts spouting it off.

Anyway, While I don't normally believe in limiting a persons earning power, I do believe that in order for the league to enjoy success all around there has to be some form of restriction in how much an owner can spend on their payroll.

I like the NFL's situation where as you don't know from year to year which teams will be competitive as the cap has created alot of pairity, some folks hate the fact that there are no more dynasties and I can appreciate that, but I believe that has more to do with the win now at all costs as opposed to working the cap today to be competitive in 3-4 years.

Most of the time the cap situation prevents that from being done at all.

Anyway, each sport produces their own unique individual issues, and the NHL's happen to be players looking to be paid on par with other sports while the majority of teams do not generate nearly half the revenue of the other sports.

the only way to keep players salaries in line with the revenue generated is to place heaby restrictions on either the Owners from spending (Tax) or place a cap on the Salaries.

Since we know not to trust the owners, the players will have to "suffer" with making 8 million instead of 11 million.

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