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01-14-2010, 05:02 PM
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Originally Posted by JSTAFF View Post
I just took the Math one from word of mouth. 100% of the math major graduates I know are still bartending a year plus after graduating.
Applied mathematics is everywhere. Actuary? Math. Computer Science? Math. Statistics? Math. One of the primary problems that led to the current financial meltdown on WS? A lot of the people involved in those complex trading schemes didn't know enough math to actually make sense of the crap they were looking at. If you want to get into finance (especially trading) mathematics is a very smart degree.

The thing about many degrees you get is that you need to take it and apply it to whatever it is you're planning on doing it. So, in that sense history is a great major for any number of professions you may want to pursue (journalist leaps immediately to mind, but journalists benefit from a number of liberal arts degrees).

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