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09-24-2003, 03:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Satan81
According to, the salary for the upcoming season without Satan or McKee's contract is about $27.5 million. I added up every player's salary to find this. According to Larry Quinn, we will have a salary of about $33 million when the season starts. $33 - 27.5 = $5.5 million. This amount won't pay for Satan and McKee, no matter how you figure it. Satan wants $5 million plus and McKee wants $2 million. Even if McKee accepted his 10% raise of $1.53 million, it would leave only $4 million for Satan, which he never would accept.

Here is where I found the salaries:Sabres 03-04 Salaries
There are too many players on that list though.

If you take out guys that are destined for Rochester like Chris Taylor, Jason Botterill, and Milan Bartovic and then take the 21 guys that are likely to be here you are at just under $26 million.

So with Larry Quinn saying they expect the budget to be around $33 million at the start of the year they can offer Satan $5 million and McKee $2 million and hit that $33 million mark.

Although, that's not including having Peters on the roster for Boulton.

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