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01-14-2010, 05:49 PM
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Originally Posted by MSG the place to be View Post
Nothing new here but seriously, what does this guy do all day.

I bring this up now because on I just watched a 12 minute interview with Leafs GM Brian Burke where he gives a lot of perspective on his team. I am not a leafs fan and I hate a lot of the moves that Brian Burke has made (Kessel, Komisarek, etc.) but I love the fact that he is so up-front with the media. I wish Sather would give us 1/10 of the exposure that Burke gives. Throughout the draft process he was vocal about wanting to trade up for Tavares. Right or wrong about letting your desires known, right or wrong about whether it would have been a smart move, at least he informs his fans of what his plan is. If you go to Leafs on demand on their official website and search "Burke" 80 videos come up. If you go to rangers on demand 12 videos come up for "Sather" and none since September 15th where he talks about the Dubinsky negotiations. Not to mention, Burke also has the added responsibility of managing team USA.

Not once has Sather been asked if he regrets signing Redden or Drury or Gomez. For my money the 3 worst moves that any franchise has made since the lockout. You could argue Gomez and Drury are on par with Campbell and Briere but its splitting hairs.

End of rant.
Sather is known for how "invisible" he is to the media.

It's so rare for him to even open his mouth to the public that it becomes a news story when he does. That's how he's always been. This summer a lot of us joked "who kidnapped the real Glen and replaced him with this imposter?" because he was both vocal with the media, and made (mostly) good moves in the offseason -- Gabbo being the main one and moving Gomez. You don't expect to hear him say anything nor make good moves.

As for Burke... you are talking about Toronto. The Leafs to Toronto are like the Yankees to New York. The media in Toronto demands information like dogs on raw meat just like the media here is all over the Yankees and the other teams. The Rangers are important to New York but the baseball and football teams take most of the media pressure off the local hockey teams so that Sather, even in NY, can get away with not talking or revealing much to the public. Burke would probably be fired if he pulled the crap Sather does by not saying anything for months on end and then only a few words in a week and goes invisible again.

Unfortunate, but that's the way it is.

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