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01-14-2010, 07:58 PM
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Originally Posted by finchster View Post
It doesnít matter if they had the Ďrightí. Prior do the implementation of the amateur draft playerís rights were on a first come first serve basis, if a player signed a C form their rights would belong to that team. Also I am not sure but didnít teams have territorial rights to players in their city?

Montreal set up networks of junior and senior leagues in Quebec and elsewhere and those players would belong to Montreal in the future. This system ensured a near monopoly of players from Quebec, while it wasnít their Ďrightí Montrealís development system meant it didnít have to be a right. I am not sure if the American teams did the same but if they had to call upon the pool of players in their own state it would obviously be inferior to Montreal and Toronto.

It is pretty clear that Toronto and Montreal did so well prior to expansion and the draft because they had the largest pool of players to draw upon. While it wasnít entrenched in NHL law, it didnít have to be because the laws of player rights and development favoured the two Canadian teams. Other teams were usually left to pick up the left over players Toronto and Montreal didnít want.
Exactly. I think the territorial rights you mention was a team getting first crack at any players within a 50-mile radius of their arena; I'm sure somebody knows the exact details. This alone would give Montreal and Toronto a tremendous advantage, and a big edge to Detroit as well. It's not just a coincidence that Chicago, Boston, and New York took turns being league doormat for the entire original six era.

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