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Originally Posted by dre2112 View Post
Regardless, the idea that Montreal had sole rights to Quebec born players is ridiculous. Everyone dumps on the Canadiens organization for having such an advantage when all teams had the same rights/advantages to signing players under the age of 20
It doesn't matter if they had sole rights or not, they didn't have the 'right' but it was pretty much a fact of life they would get the top players from Quebec. It wasn’t a law in the NHL or a right, it was just the facts that they had a system in place so that Quebec born players would more often than not play for Montreal. The Montreal Canadiens had the largest pool of players to draw upon which is why they were so successful.

Originally Posted by dre2112 View Post
And as you mentioned, Toronto was just as much a beneficiary to being in a location where more/better players were playing yet it's only Montreal that is ever brought up.
The visuals are just not there. Players like Bobby Hull, Ted Lindsey, Milt Schmidt and others were all from Ontario and played for American teams. It never appeared that the Toronto Maple Leafs had control over an entire province like Montreal did. My guess is Toronto’s player pool was as large as Montreal.

Originally Posted by dre2112 View Post
As for the farm team, i don't see it as something you could use against the Canadiens to say they had an advantage. It was something the owner came up with to benefit the team. We don't knock the Red Wings for having an unfair advantage over other teams because they draft well or have some of the best development in the league... don't see how this is any different. Selke was just ahead of his time
You are correct they were well within the rules to set up this farm system of players. They didn’t break any rules and other teams were welcome to set up a similar system. But try building a farm system around New York State, Massachusetts and Illinois and just see how many quality players you will find from 1920-1967. Other teams did not have any access to this pool of players. I don’t see why it is such a big deal to say Montreal did have an advantage because of their location and hockey market. Look at soccer teams from Europe, the best teams in the past and now had the largest talent pools to draw upon, just the facts.

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