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01-05-2005, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by BigE
I've played for sixteen years and if it weren't for a torn groin I'd still be playing Junior hockey.
Playing hockey does not suddenly make one an expert on workout habits. Most of us here have played a sport at one time or another, that does nto suddenly make us any more of an expert that the next guy.

"I really can't explain this any more, you either understand or you don't."

That would be becuase you are still doing nothing but offering up your opinions as facts.

"why I believe Montoya hasn't been putting in the effort at practice."

Ahh...and there you have it. What you BELIEVE. You do realize that what you BELIEVE may be different that what other people BELIEVE.

"Something isn't adding up and it's not just ONE tournament - it's the ENTIRE season."

Can't just point to one year or one tournament withouth looking at the entire body of work. You cannot suddenly just choose to ignore prior seasons and tournaments if you are going to use it as a benchmark for standards.

"It's poor repititions in practice or a lack of repititions in practice."

Again, you forgot to add the all-important words, "IMO".

"As for Fletch's question; I would have taken Tukonen and then traded up to nab Schwarz."

You would. Mostly everyone who has anything to do with drafting for the Rangers would not. There is a reason that Tukonen was not in the top 10 picks.

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