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09-24-2003, 04:52 AM
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OK, here's more detail about how the game has it set up.

Anyone with a generic name (LW1, C3) is assumed to be a retired NHLer, and those are the blanks we're trying to fill in. Though they may have made a mistake on Albelin. Provided are the players' ratings (100-scale) on Overall, Offense, and Defense.

LW1 90 95 71
Holik 87 84 87
RW1 89 90 83

Rolston 90 92 82
C2 82 83 78
Guerin 82 86 77

LW3 79 73 82 ('Grit' 89 -> this is Peluso, I think)
C3 79 83 75
Lemieux 79 77 77

LW4 73 79 64
Brylin 79 80 73
McKay 81 75 81

Stevens 91 70 94
Neidermayer 89 85 88
D3 83 82 76
D4 82 75 81
D5 76 75 77
D6 81 81 79

G2 (Terreri, duh)

Any player who's still in the NHL is rated identicaly to their current 2003-2004 rating (this makes guys like Lemieux notably lower and guys like Roslton notably higher).

So, that's how the game breaks down the absent players. I can't fit Carpenter in there anywhere - the only unspecified forward who is better defensively than offensively is LW3, and he's the only one that even comes close to being Peluso (whoever is LW3 gets in a lot of fights!). I think Broten's the C2, so I suppose Carpenter should be C3... but the numbers make me wonder if this game made Dowd C3. LW4 -> Zelepukin or Chorske? Speed of 78 makes me lean towards Zele - I remember Chorske as fleet feet stone hands.

The four D... Chambers is D3, that I'm sure. Driver and Dano are two of the other three (Dano=D4). Logic would dictate that the last be Albelin, but Albelin would be listed by name if he were here (and he'd be rated 74, not good enough to make the cut). So who does that leave? Kevin Dean is the only other Devils' D that played in thoe playoffs. Gotta be him. Dean = D5, Driver = D6. My best guess.

If I want this team to play anything like the '95 Devils I think I'm going to have to make major edits - a lot more than just names and jersey numbers.

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