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01-15-2010, 09:44 AM
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Forget just being weak at home! The Rangers are the weakest team in the NHL. I do not mean overall points or talent wise, I am talking about our toughness, or lack there of. I mean how do you come off a game like the one they had Tuesday night at the Garden vs the Devils and not show up against a team that had lost 5 straight and who are missing Spezza and Alfredsson, and have a rookie Goaltender in his second NHL game in net (must have been the Brodeur name, and his relation to fatso?)

For all of you who have the NHL Centre Ice package do yourself a favor and tune into a game like Vancouver/Calgary. It will truly make you realize how weak of a team we really are.

Callahan is the ONLY New York Ranger who throws his body around. Every single NHL team (besides the Rangers of course) has 4 or 5 players like Cally. Would you dare to crash the net in the 29 other cities around the league? No Way. Nobody playing the Rangers is afraid to crash the net because nobody is going to do anything about it, because our defense is the biggest group of you know whats... (meow meow).

Chris Neal takes a run at Marc Staal and again the 29 other teams would have a response for that, no excuse, but the Rangers let him off scott free. I don't care what the score of the game is, how much time is left, but you better damn well protect your teammate who just got sent through the boards into 7th Avenue Traffic... (and Marc why don't you get a little bit mad that you got run through the boards and maybe give someone a shove in front of the net, maybe that will be a start to protecting the only person who keeps you even in a game.)

We cannot rely on Marian Gaborik to score every goal for us, simple as that. I dont want to hear the sign Kovalchuck crap either, we have tried the signing every foreign star before, it doesnt win you hockey games, a tough gritty team does. He's going to the WWE, I mean KHL anyways since they offered him 20 mil a year...

Donald Brashear = useless. Matt Kaulkner destroyed you, btw best fighter in the league (broke Colton Orr's orbital bone couple months back)

I could go on and on, but this Ranger team is a disgrace to watch.

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