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01-15-2010, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by allstar3970 View Post
because of the jersey colors no doubt.
Let's not make this something its not.

Sports are filled with routines and habits. Sometimes you need to break them to get a simple lift. No one said that wearing another color will give you massive results. Maybe you've never had the pleasure of reading about sports psychology or the psychology of color. It has been proven that different colors illicit different responses in humans. In this case, wearing the whites at home (a jersey they have been successful in) might make a small difference - or just be a change for changes sake. Its not as profound as you make it out to be, but simple changes in routine can have a large effect on groups of people.

Take for instance the Central Park practice the Senators had the other day. Seemed to work didnt it? Sometimes you need to just switch something up. Or maybe you are just too shortsighted to recognize this, and thats fine too.

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