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01-05-2005, 07:28 PM
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What if...

Sidney Crosby is declared an unrestricted free agent and allowed to sign with whoever he wants to (in the event that the NHL uses replacement players)?

I know its unlikely, but I heard somewhere there is an outside chance at this happening. Could somebody please explain to me, though, what his agents' legal argument would be for allowing him to do this if it did happen? Please... don't leave posts explaining to me how slim the chances are of this happening- I am already aware of that. I know that if there is no contract by June, then there won't be a draft either, but I would imagine that, when the NHL opens again (with or without replacement players) that they would immediately hold a draft? My first inclination was that Crosby would simply let sleeping dogs lie and submit to this scenerio. If he were a free agent, Crosby would almost certainly choose to sign with a team with is a perenniel contender. While this isn't necessarily fair, I don't see how it is any more fair to simply use the season records from last season to determine the draft order. How fair is it that Washington ends up with Ovechkin AND Crosby?! While there is a chance that this might happen anyway, there are plenty of other BAD teams in the NHL that would have a good shot at landing the "next one". I think the most fair thing would be to throw the 30 teams into a hat and have a random draft order. Certainly, it would need to be weighted to favor the teams that did poorly last year, but sufficiently random enough to ensure that 10 or so of the "bottom feeder" teams had a shot at that top pick.

But... if for some reason Crosby ends up a free agent, you gotta think that there is at least a significant chance he ends up in Philly, even if thats a big "if". He would certainly narrow his choices down to "the contenders". But I can definitely see Jeff Carter and Mike Richards being heavily involved in that recruiting process considering that the 3 of them where teammates on that gold medal winning Canadian team.

Just some random conjecturing, thats all...

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