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01-15-2010, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by thedjpd View Post
I just find it amusing how fans here keep insisting on holding on to your assets and promptly signing him on July 1st, as if there is any indication whatsoever that he would choose to sign with your team.

You're not giving up assets for a rent-a-player, in most cases (contenders excluded). You're giving up assets hoping to convince him to stay with your team.

Fans here like to hold on to all their shiny prospects because they're cheap, and it sounds nice to have - when they don't help the ultimate goal, which is winning the cup.

Ultimately, you have to decide - are any of your picks going to be as all-world as Kovalchuk? Likely not.

If you have the chance to sell him on your organization, it's worth it. No questions asked.

Funny thing is, even if some of these prospects do pan out, you'll be faced with the exact same scenario Chicago is in at the moment - now who do I get rid of - the reality of the salary cap world.

Is it better to already have a guaranteed franchise player to build around, or hope one of these 'prospects' becomes that and cost the same, monetarily, anyway, meaning you have to get rid of other assets for nothing regardless?

Tough call. But I know which one a GM would pick.
I agree with most of what you wrote here except two items:
1- With the unstable Lighthouse/Coliseum/move situation on LI, what are we really going to be able to sell him. It has been hard to attract top name FA because of the dump of a arena.
2- Chicago caused some of their own cap hell by giving Campbell a hugh contract. Now if we give Kovy a hugh contract (which he will get because he is well worth it) we will have the same problem in a few years when all the youngsters contracts come due.
I say stay the course Garth, we believe in you.

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