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01-15-2010, 01:02 PM
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Originally Posted by JT91 View Post
What scared that the Islanders will beat your rangers 3 times a year agian already happened this season
Here's what really funny....


Not against it.

You really think I give a rats ass about how many times you beat the Rangers?

The Rangers have a huge chest problem in that they have no heart, no leadership, no defence, no scoring (other than Gaborik) and when you add that all up, you have a pretty bad team.

So, the Islanders beating the Rangers three times this year means jacksh!t to me.

Now, without hijacking this thread any further. Getting a guy like Kovalchuk adds fanny's to the seats. A mature JT will continue to add fanny's to the seats thus increasing the likelyhood that you guys do not leave the area.

I want you guys to stay here. I want to give a rats ass about losing to you one time, let alone 3 times in a single season. This has nothing to do with worrying about three games this season. This has EVERYTHING to do with making this rivalry more meaningful outside the confines of the borders of both Suffolk and Nassau Counties cause as it is right now, most Rangers fans are more focused about our games against the Devils and Flyers and Penguins than they are against the Islanders and in my opinion, it needs to change. Having a Tavares and getting a Kovy is a Huge step in that direction.

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