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01-15-2010, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Dash22 View Post
As a HUGE soccer fan myself, I have only ever watch/attended on Kixx game, and that was only since a friend of the family was on the team. The sports are not comparable.

I really think that the team will do well in the area, the affordability of the tickets will play a huge part in that. The novelty of the team may keep crowds near capacity in the first few seasons, however, i still expect to crowds over 10,000 regardless of the record/opponent once the initial novelty has worn off.

Pretty safe assumption it looks like.

Originally Posted by View Post
Yes and no. It's popular to play among kids and it may be popular for the World Cup, but I'm not convinced that the stadium will be full after the first season or two. As I said before, winning would help. A losing team is a recipe for disaster.

This said I know indoor soccer is a completely different beast than MLS, but the Kix, despite being good, often played in front of crowds under 5,000.
Not sure you're giving it enough credit....there's an already extant fan base that has been lobbying for this team that reports 5,000 members on its own. And, as the numbers above suggest, MLS has been drawing decent numbers everywhere they've gone and have been very cautious in expansion.

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