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09-24-2003, 04:24 AM
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How pathetic must team be before Gainey reacts?

Look, I was at the game yesterday, as the Gazette says this morning, the team was listless, pathetic, it is a shame to offer such a show to fans paying 100$ a ticket, training camp or not!

If I ran my professional practice the way these guys play, not giving my clients' their money's worth, I would not survive one year!

The team has nothing, no sizzle, no offense, no size, no enthousiasm, no momentum, no mean streak, no agressivity, NOTHING, and their new ultra defensive, dump-the-puck system is a pure sleep-o-rama! And this coach CJ is as grey and dull as his team is on the ice.

Bob Gainey's pre-manufactured quote "I have nothing to announce today, you will be the first to know when I have something to announce" is a nice way to shove off the media, but I thought he was hired as GM and not PR man, so it is his job to do something about this, it looks like a very long season ahead, the only positive point is that the Habs figure to remain in the Alexander Overchin/1st overall pick in 2004 sweepstakes all year long!

Bob Gainey the player would already have stood up in the dressing room and shaken things on the ice.

Is Bob Gainey the GM a different man?

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