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Originally Posted by NWO View Post
no there are no holes. soccer is popular no doubt. not arguing that. that doesnt translate to drawing people to pay to watch it. no other soccer franchise in this area did that well and i dont care if it was 25 years go. Why is it silly to argue? ever think KC doesnt have other alternatives to go to? there are so many more options in this area. glad you think they will do well. in 5 years they will be gone or pretty much down to nothing. location of the stadium isnt exactly in their favor. cant see many people in the usburbs driving over an hour to visit that **** hole area. time will tell.
No other soccer franchises ANYWHERE drew. That's the hole in your argument. Soccer has increased in popularity since we hosted the WC here, which enabled the MLS to get off the ground. The league has been very careful and methodical in its expansion and is run by a centralized ownership system that keeps all the franchises moving towards the common goal.

And what is this about an hour? That stadium is easy driving distance from Philadelphia, northern Delaware, and south NJ. A lot of people live within easy distance of that stadium. It isn't just folks north and west of the city that are going to be interested in going to games. And, again, there's a fan group that lists 5,000 members and the team hasn't even played a single game yet...those folks were traveling to other MLS games to make their presence felt.

And, yes, KC has less alternatives than Philly. It also has a LOT less people. 3-4 million less, in fact.

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