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09-24-2003, 04:53 AM
Joe Cole
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Ribs....will he put together a 10 game stretch of good games during the season? That is the test. The guy obviously has talent when no one is hanging off his back.

As much as I hate this guy in interviews, I hope that he becomes as good as the guys on 110% think he is. Don't get me started on those xenophobic simpletons. "Solution to every problem-play harder" duh!

Here is the problem.....Koivu, Perreault, Ribiero, and Juneau are our centers. Size is a definite problem, I say choose one small man, build around him and deal the rest. We are in the NHL East....where size up the middle is necessary. The choice is pretty simple.

Since Serge Savard, the Habs never built around a player. They never tried to fill specific needs. They just threw players on the ice and hopped that they would gel.

And to think Lou Lamorillo based his system on the 70's Habs....and we based ours on the 70's California Golden Seals.

Thank God Gainey is our GM. Now it's time to see him start to aquire and develop some appropriate players.

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