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Originally Posted by captainpaxil View Post
i think alot of the problems with the officiating stem from the fact that they are an extension of the league office. penalties are a part of the game in hockey. theres a give and take that goes on in alot of cases and sometimes they go your way and sometimes they dont but a penalties a penalty and while its not the nfl they do a decent job of it. then thers that next level of enforcing the leagues brand of discipline on who gets the calls, which calls are worse then others and which penaties are worse then others and thats what i think makes them the worst. its not that theyre bad referees its that i think referees make for poor league officials. and its an easy fix. remove the instigator. enforcing the rules and disciplining the players are two different jobs and i dont think one guy should be doing both.
That's how every league operates, though. So, it isn't really a good explanation for their problems.

NHL officials--similar to officials in other leagues where we've seen problems--suffer from too much job security. NHL needs to do a better job of grading its officiating and giving them a real incentive to improve and/or maintain themselves at a high level.

I shouldn't KNOW when I'm going to be in for a long night of aggravation with an official due to seeing/hearing his name. Bad calls happen, but there are guys like Auger, Lee, (Angus when he was around), etc. that are just bad refs.

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