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09-24-2003, 05:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Beatnik
the real question is why is he the only one to looks great when opposing teams are playing alot of AHL talent, and the vet's aren't playing 100%.

Should'nt Bulis, Perezhougin Higgins Perrault Hossa Audette try to get a place on the top 2 lines too???

I hope Ribiero will have more than one game to prove himself in REAL season before they send him In HAmilton or on the 4th line
Because Ribeiro's game is better suited for preseason than any of those players. Higgins is a gamer; preseason is not where he shines. Perreault never looks dominant out there. He's got a good shot, but his puckhandling leaves a lot to be desired. He's no playmaker. Audette is a vet and knows how unimportant preseason is. Bulis is another gamer/system-player. Perezhogin's in his first preseason.

Ribeiro's game is to be a playmaker. To be flashy, get noticed, receive praise, etcetera. In pre-season, systems are not fully implemented, many rookies and AHLers are playing in the lineups, new pairings and lines are tested, the pace of the game is much slower with less attention paid to details of systems. As a result, Ribeiro gets more time to make his plays, and he'll be fantastic. Just as he was dominant against the Thrashers and other bottom feeding teams last season; he had the time and space to get the job done.

As Darz mentioned previously, once Ribeiro plays a good chunk of the season and is productive against veteran clubs then he'll be deserving of praise. Until then, what he does in preseason is irrelevant. We've seen it all before from him at this time of the year.

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