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01-16-2010, 08:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Darth Joker View Post
My take on the game...

1) We were actually dominating the game... until Alfie got that second goal for the Sens.

2) After Alfie got that second goal for the Sens, our team just completely had the wind knocked out of the sails. You could feel it right through the TV screen. From that point on to just before the end of the game, the Sens decisively dominated the game.

3) The Sens played exceptional defensive hockey. Great job blocking shots, and getting in the way of passing lanes.

4) Our Power Play was not able to adjust well to the Sens' aggressive penalty killing.

5) The Gomez/Gionta/Pouliot line looked good again, but the rest of our forwards didn't have a good game, imo.

6) A bit of an off night for Markov. MAB also had one of his weaker performances. The rest of the D was good though, imo.

All-told, this is what I take from this going forward...

1) It's time to do some line juggling, apart from the Gomez line. Our 3rd line just isn't generating enough offense, and the Pleks/Cammy line could do more.

2) ... I hate to say it, but... I'm really starting to wonder about Price. The 2nd goal he let in was a bit of a weak one, and like I said before, it really deflated the team, imo. At the very least, we should start Halak against the Rangers tomorrow.
Wishful thinking in my opinion.....Pouliot allowed the break away with his giveaway on the power play for the first goal which was a breakaway....2nd goal was deflected....this was a team loss, this blaming goalies is getting old. Too much time in the defensive end.

Canadiens are weak on the puck, weak on the pass and spend to much time trying to get the puck back and getting beat one on one. When they finally get it either dump it out and give it right back or try to pass and miss and give it back or try to do it all themselves, or take a poor shot which was easily stopped.

Remember Platenaks goal was a gift also

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